A popular snack in Bangladesh. Small, crisp filled shingaras were originally brought to India by traders and soldiers. The snack consists of a fried triangular, pastry shell with filling of your choice. *Contains Gluten


Tofu stir fried with spring onions, peppers, tamarind sauce. Substitute to our normal chili paneer stir-fry.


Crispy Cassavas stir – fried with spring onions, peppers, fresh green chili in slightly tangy sauce. Get adventurous with this one. *Spicy


Similar to our Paari Chaat. Crispy Kale, topped with chickpeas, potatoes, Soya yoghurt and tamarind sauce, sev and pomegranate seeds. *Contains Gluten


The most popular snack! These tasty little onion balls are bound together with cabbage, red and white onions, blended in our own spices. It is crispy and crunchy, great as a starter or an accompaniment to your curries!

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Buns are served with spicy mashed potatoes and vegetables with butter on top. One of the most popular snacks in Maharashtra! *Contains Gluten


A delicious Indo-Chinese dish. Normally cooked with chicken, however this vegan twist is as good. Battered Cauliflower cooked with, garlic, chilli, soy sauce. *Vegen *Contains Gluten *Vegetarian

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