Cubed potatoes in sauteed onions, peppers and a hint of chilli. Adding a twist to your usual Bombay potatoes. *Vegetarian *Spicy


Stir-fried red spinach and potatoes is a traditional Bangladeshi delicacy. *Vegetarian


A simple, dry dish packed full of masala flavours and chickpeas cooked in a medium spiced sauce. A nutritious way of fitting in your veg! *Vegetarian


A comforting mix of spinach, sweet potato and lentil dhal, seasoned with spices and topped with spring onions and basil. You can’t go wrong with this one! *Vegetarian


Spice up your taste buds with our masala chips. French fries stir fried with onions, peppers and red chilli flakes. *Vegetarian *Spicy


Plain Fries *Vegetarian